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Sewing beds for sheltered animals

Bens Leather Crafts is excited to announce that your purchases for the next 30 days will help

across Singapore (Currently “Animal lovers league” and “Mutts and Mittens”)! With each purchase of a tote bag, Ben’s Leather Crafts will absorb the full costs of the pet beds. The bedding pads are bought and I design and handmake every cover for these precious animals.

Reality of the Situation

Being abandoned by the family you thought loved you is tragic. It’s a tragedy compounded by the fact that instead of sleeping on the family bed, or on a warm blanket inside, now you are sleeping in a cold, drafty kennel on a rock-hard concrete floor.

That is the reality for most shelter animals. Some dogs/cats sleep right on the concrete. Some have newspaper to shield them a bit from the cold of the solid floor. Other shelters may provide a blanket, but even a thick blanket provides little protection from the chill that emanates from unheated concrete.

Having a bed to sleep on is a privilege that often gets taken for granted. Whether you're off to dream world or simply taking a moment to relax, a bed really is a gift that keeps on giving—and the same goes for animal beds.

Why pet beds?

Tragically, for a rescued animal, their time spent in a shelter may well be the last days they’ll ever know. Others, could spend weeks, months or longer (in the case of no-kill shelters) in the same kennel – so it’s very important to provide these precious animals, who’ve already suffered so much, a good standard of care and enrichment while they patiently wait for adoption. But the most important reason for donating a Pet Bed is this: A pet bed can help an animal be adopted and therefore save a life!

And this is why.

Shelters are typically very noisy and highly chaotic environments. It’s a well-known fact this causes added anxiety for these already stressed animals. They often pace endlessly, become depressed, express psychological distress and, sadly, don’t always get an opportunity to show their best selves – at times making adoption a challenge!

Shelter enrichment (a simple pet bed, a toy) not only gives a rescue immediate comfort – it reduces their stress and anxiety level, helping to bring out their true personality to prospective adopters (often the difference between life and death in a shelter)

The Beds design

For people who are unaware, dog beds can be quite pricey in Singapore and getting specific beds to meet the needs of a shelter animal would cost even more. These dog/cat beds have to not only give a comfortable place for an animal to sleep but to help them in a psychological way too. Therefore, we decided to hand-make everything from scratch; from designing the beds to the sewing of covers. After several meetings and visits to the pound. We agreed that these beds have to help ease the animal’s anxiety and yet provide a practical side; easy washing and cleaning, big enough for the dogs/cats, durable (dogs can’t rip a big hole in the middle of their beds like they always do) and yet comfortable for the animals.

Bed features: - The three raised edges increase a measure of cozy comfort especially if your dog tends toward anxiety - Removable canvas bed sheet for easy washing - inner cushion is practical and easy to clean since you can wipe off the plastic with a damp cloth - Cover easily secured with Velcro, no expose zips or sharp objects that might injure them - Canvas is a strong fabric that can take a lot of wear and tear - Measuring at 48x74cm, it’s big enough for small–medium size dogs.

Do kindly drop me a message if you have any enquiries! Thank you!

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