Believe it or not, the wallet on the right is unused while I personally have been using the wallet on the left for a few months now.

It is also very much alive. Sun will change its colour, oil will soften its tone, and time will mold its shape. These pieces are meant to tell their story.


Product Details: 

- Comes in 3 colors. Brown, Mahogany and Black.
- 100% Handmade and handstiched
- Holds up to 7 cards, a handful of coins and several notes
- Vegetable tanned leather
- 11 cm by 7cm by 1.5cm

Leather will have markings that are considered nature's signatures, and this is what relates to the public that the product is full grain leather. Thus, not every wallet is the same and some may contain nature's signature.


As we are bespoke craftsmen, we take about 1 to 2 weeks to make your product. The time may vary on the amount of orders we currently have. So do check with us if time is an issue. 

Protector wallet