Bring a minimalistic touch to any space with this leather strap wood shelf.
Leather straps are anchored to the wall and the teak wood shelf sits inside.
Whether your design style is modern, minimalist, rustic, or boho the simple natural materials of the shelf will complement any room

With three leather color choices, (Nude, Brown, Dark brown) your piece is completely customizable.
Maximum weight shelf can hold is 15kg

Priced at: 1 set for $80. 2 sets for $150. 
Due to the weight & size, delivery could be arranged. 

1 set Includes: 

1x Teak wood shelf
2x Pre Drilled Leather strap 
2x Wall screws 
2x Wall fillers
1x Instruction Manual 


Finish Product: length 46cm, depth 13cm, height 18cm 
Teak wood plank: length 45.5cm, depth 12cm, height 2cm


As we are bespoke craftsmen, we take about 1 to 2 weeks to make your product. The time may vary on the amount of orders we currently have. So do check with us if time is an issue.

(Installation not included) 

Leather strap shelf with Teak wood

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