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This gorgeous full grain leather belts are handcrafted with much love right here in our studio, the entire process is done by hand, from cutting the straps, to burnishing the edges. Using the finest leather to produce our belts, we guarantee you it will last a lifetime.


We have 2 types of leathers we use for this belts. Alaskan Belting leather and Cow Double Butt leather



The Cow Double Butt leather are hand dyed by us and comes in Chocolate Brown and Saddle Tan. 

(First 4 pictures)

The Alaskan Belting leather belts are pre-dyed and thus comes in Black, Chestnut brown and Dark Brown. 


Buckle type: 

Clamp-Closure Buckle is the ones on the Alaskan belting leather belts in the pictures (More for formal wear)

Screw-Closure Buckle is the one on the Cow Double Butt leather belts in the pictures (More for casual wear)



Belt width: 3.5cm


Belt Length: 

Measure your existing belt: Refer to the last photograph

The Belt comes in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large. There are 7 holes 1″ apart with the centre holes at: Small 32″ Medium 36″ and Large 40″. The 7 holes cover 3″ in each direction eg: Small 30-36″, Medium 34-40″, Large 38-44″.


Trouser Size

Its worth mentioning that trouser size is not an accurate measurement but if thats all you have to go by Small covers sizes 28-34″, Medium 32-38″ and Large 36-42″



Leather will have markings that are considered nature's signatures, and this is what relates to the public that the product is full grain leather. Thus, not every belt is the same and some may contain nature's signature.


As we are bespoke craftsmen, we take about 1 to 2 weeks to make your product. The time may vary on the amount of orders we currently have. So do check with us if time is an issue. 

Leather Belt

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