This thin fixed length leather camera strap has a vintage design, which was inspired by camera straps worn by the street photographers of the 50s and 60s. Whether you prefer to wear it around your neck or cross-body, select a length and I’ll custom make one to fit your style and comfort. 
A new strap may seem a little stiff at first. However with use, it starts to break in quite nicely and becomes significantly more comfortable.


- ½ “/ 1.3cm wide Leather Strap
- Made from 3.4/4 mm Alaskan Belting Leather
- Split Ring attachment
- Solid Copper Rivets
- Strong & Reliable
- Hand Cut & Hand Made 
- Comes in : Nude(Natural) , Tan(brown), Dark Brown 


Standard length: 42" (suitable for heights from 170cm to 185cm)

40" for heights 150cm – 170cm 
44" for heights above 190cm 

We suggest that you use one of these measuring techniques.

1) If you like the length of the camera strap that you're currently using: measure it and order that length.

2) If you're not currently using a camera strap or you’re not sure if it’s the right length: Take a piece of string and securely tie it to your camera. Wear it around the house. Fire off a few shots. Make sure it’s comfortable and adjust it as necessary. Once you’re happy with the length, mark the string where it was attached to your camera, remove it, measure it, and you’ve got the perfect length for your custom made Bensleathercrafts leather camera strap. 


As we are bespoke craftsmen, we take about 1 to 2 weeks to make your product. The time may vary on the amount of orders we currently have. So do check with us if time is an issue.

Please note: As leather is a natural material each piece may have slight variations and markings.

Fixed length Thin Camera Strap

Rivet design
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