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"How my life almost ended before it even began..."

I’m currently 25 and my peers are travelling the world, representing our country in sports, going on fun adventures with their friends or simply enjoying a meal. Many, if not all of them, have the energy, health and money to do so. I used to be able to enjoy most of these too. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same now.

Getting diagnosed with a chronic illness, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), changed my life forever. From being a floorball athlete and a coach, to being housebound with frequent trips to the doctors. IBS is basically having spasms in one’s colon. Without going too in-depth, the easiest way to describe it, would be like suffering from food poisoning 24/7.  The severity of IBS varies and sadly mine is at the severe end.

The problem with being housebound is getting a job that allows me to work from home.  Coupled with the fact that I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder & depression seven years ago, my future looked bleak. I spent many sleepless nights thinking of what I could do to support myself financially. 

5 years ago, I started Bens Leather Crafts. This year I started running it full time. This job allows me to work from home, even when there is a flare-up and I feel unwell. This way, I am able to work towards my dream - selling good quality handmade products and supporting myself financially, despite all my health issues. 

I would like to thank all my customers, friends and family for the tremendous support you have given me all these years. I would not have been here without you guys. I will continue to work hard to deliver nothing but the best quality leather essentials and tote bags.


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